Ksenia Nesterenko

Ksenia Nesterenko (soprano), the participant of the Fourth Season of “The Big Opera”, set a kind of double record. Being the youngest contestant of the project (only 19 years old), she won “The Big Opera 2016”.

Ksenia was born in the city of Engels, Saratov region. She is studying at the Saratov Conservatory named by L.V. Sobinov. Actually she has an active concert activity, participating as well in contests and festivals. Ksenia speaks with humor about her inconstancy: first she wanted to study choreography, being at school, she dreamed with philology, then she decided to become a surgeon, finding herself finally in the vocals.

She has a dream - to sing the Countess in the "Queen of Spades" opera, but unfortunately it’s impossible, because this party is for mezzo-soprano voice.