Arina Shirokova

14, oboe, St. Petersburg, Russia

Arina studies in M. Glinka St. Petersburg Children’s Art School, her teacher is Olga Gracheva. She successfully participates in music competitions in Russia and Europe. In 2015, Arina became the winner of the Government of St. Petersburg prize Young Talents, and the winner of the V St. Petersburg Open Contest for Wind and Percussion Instruments (2015, II prize). Member of the XII of the Vladimir Spivakov’s International Festival Moscow Meets Friends (2015), International Festival Children’s Petersburg (Israel), and C. Nielsen Competition (Denmark, 2016, II prize).

Performance program:

Round I

С. Nielsen. Romance
M. Bak. Humoresque

Round II

E. Bozza. Conte Pastorale

Round III

L. Lebrun. Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra № 1 in D major, 3rd movement