Vladimir Tretyakov

8, cello, St. Petersburg, Russia

Vladimir studies at the Music School of the N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg Music College, his teacher is Olga Rudneva. He plays cello from his five and a half. Winner of the International Creative Forum-Contest The First Chord – Little Mozart (St. Petersburg, 2014, I prize), International Internet Music Competition Melos (Italy, 2015, I prize), the XXIX International Competition of Performers of Instrumental Music (Novosibirsk, 2016, Grand Prix), International Competition Kingdom Art Stars (London, UK, 2016, II prize), the International Creative Forum-Competition of Art Spring of Petersburg (2016, I prize). Vladimir likes to travel.

Performance program:

Round I

A. Gonobolin. The Song of the Wind in A minor
W. Squire. Tarantella in D minor

Round II

K. Davydov. Romance without words in G major
G. Goltermann. Capriccio

Round III

G. Goltermann. Concerto for Cello and Orchestra № 5 in D minor op. 76, 1st movement