Sofie Leifer

Sofie started to take violin classes with her mother when she was 4 years old. She takes part in musical competitions since 2011 (Serbia, Spain, Belgium, and France). In 2014-2016 Sophie attended the preparatory class of the Maastricht Conservatory (Netherlands), the class of Boris Belkin. Now, Sophie studies at the Crea music school (Sevilla, Spain) with Catherine Leifer. In 2014 and 2015, she attended summer master courses in Accademia Chigiana (Italy) and she was the youngest student ever for the all 83 years history of the Accademia. In November 2014, she made live recording for Radio 4 (Netherlands). Apart from violin playing Sofie likes reading, swimming and dancing.

Performance program:

Round I

H. Weniawski. Legende for Violin and Piano op. 17
H. Weniawski. Etude-Caprice op. 18 № 4

Round II

P. Sarasate. Introduction and Tarantella op. 43

Round III

M. Bruch. Concerto for Violin and Orchestra № 1 in G minor op. 26, 3rd movement