Peter Leung Chun Shing

10, Hong Kong, China

Peter began learning piano at the age of 4 with Ms. Shui Ching Wong, and later Prof. Eleanor Wong. At the age of 9, Peter was accepted as a junior student major in piano, at the Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts. Most recently, he was selected as one of the eight Young Scholars (year 2016 – 2017) of the Lang Lang International Music Foundation. Peter has taken part in many local and regional competitions and festivals and received numerous awards.

Aside from music, Peter loves Chinese Kung-fu very much. His other hobbies include singing, hip hop dancing, and Chinese water painting.

Performance program:

Round I

A. Copland. The Cat and the Mouse
Yin Chengzong. The Fisherman’s Song

Round II

J. S. Bach. French Suite № 5 in G major BWV 816, 1st movement
F. Chopin. Waltz in E minor op. posth.

Round III

L. Beethoven. Concerto for Piano and Orchestra № 1 in C major op. 15, 1st movement (excerpts)