Johann Zhao

13, Salzburg, Austria

JOHANN began learning Keyboard in Musikum Salzburg at the age of five. At the age of eight, he had got a Grand Piano as a present from his father and from then, he began the formal piano study. In 2013, the nine-year-old boy entered the pre-college Education program in University Mozarteum Salzburg, his teaher – prof. Cordelia Höfer-Teutsch. At the same year, he took part in the national piano Competition Prima La Musica Salzburg, and won the first prize with excellence in his age group. In 2016 Johann won the Austrian National Music Competition Prima La Musica (the two First Prizes). March 2016, Johann took part in XXXII Smetana International Piano Competition in Plzen, Czech Republic (I prize).

Performance program:

Round I

J. S. Bach. Allemande from the French Suite № 2, BWV 813
W. A. Mozart. Sonata K 576, 1st movement

Round II

I. Stravinsky. Four Etudes op. 7 № 4
L. van Beethoven. Sonata № 23 op. 57 (Appassionata), 3rd movement

Round III

F. Mendelssohn. Concerto for Piano and Orchestra №1 in G minor op. 25, 1st movement