Gleb Vereshchak

14, trumpet, Novoivanovskoye settlement, Russia

Gleb studies at the Central Music School at the P. I. Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory, his teacher is Leonid Guriev. He was prize winner of The Gifted Children of Moscow Area Open Festivals-Competitions for Young Players (2012, I prize; 2014, III prize; 2015, I prize), The Cradle of Russia International Competition-Festival for Children and Young Adults (Moscow, 2012, 2014 – Grand Prix), II International Music Competition of Young Performers Dedication to Sergei Prokofiev (Moscow, 2016, I prize).Gleb performed with the Central Military Band of the Spasskaya Bashnya Festival in Kremlin Palace (2015).

Performance program:

Round I

V. Peskin. Scherzo
W. Brandt. Lullaby op. 14

Round II

W. Brandt. Concert Piece № 2 in E-flat major op. 12

Round III

V. Schelokov. Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra № 3