Andrei Ryazantsev

13, clarinet, Moscow, Russia

Andrei studies with Anton Prishchepa at Moscow Secondary Special Music School named after the Gnessins.

He was prize winner of: the V Sergei Rachmaninoff Days in Moscow Open Festival for Young Musicians (2015), IV Moscow Competition-Festival for Young Wind and Percussion Instruments Players named after Y. Dolzhikov (2015, I prize in soloist category and within an ensemble), V Moscow Open Competition for Young Clarinetists and Ensembles (2014, II prize), XIII  Rotary International Children’s Music Competition (Moscow, 2015, IV prize), VI All-Russian Competition for Ensembles of Wind and Percussion Instruments (Kazan, 2015, I prize), Internet Music Competition (2015, I prize). He was winner of the XXI Y. Flier Open District Festival (Moscow, 2013). He played at Rachmaninoff Hall of Moscow State P. Tchaikovsky Conservatory (2013), at Kazan State N. Zhiganov Conservatory (2015). Andrei was scholar of Moscow Government (2014-2015), Vladimir Spivakov International Charity Foundation (2015) and The New Names Interregional Charity Social Fund (2014).  

Andrei studies both the clarinet and the piano; he masters music material of various styles and directions with great interest. He is an active, curious boy. His hobbies are hockey, tennis and fishing. 

Performance program at the 16th International Television Contest for Young Musicians 'The Nutcracker':

Round I

R. Schumann: Fantasy Piece, Op. 73, No. 1
B. Kovacs: Tribute to Manuel de Falla for clarinet solo

Round II

F. Poulenc. Sonata for clarinet and piano, 1st movement
A. Prishchepa. Etude Picture No. 12

Round III

W. Lutosławski. Dance Preludes for clarinet and chamber orchestra (version of 1955), Nos. 1, 2, 3, 5