Ariana Mohammad

14, flute, Lipetsk, Russia

Ariana graduated from Children’s Academy of Arts Affiliated at the K. Igumnov Regional college of Arts in Lipetsk, her teacher is Tatiana Zhigareva.

She was prize-winner of: the VII  International Competition for Wind and Percussion Instruments Players (Petrozavodsk, 2014, II prize), XIII Culture as Vector of Development Youth Delphian Games of Russia (Volgograd, 2014, Diploma), VI My Favorite Flute International Open Internet Competition (2014, I prize), Young Talents of Russia All-Russian Competition (Moscow, 2014, Diploma), V Silver Trumpets All-Russian Open Competition for Young Wind and Percussion Instruments Players named after V. M. Blazhevich (Moscow, 2015, Diploma), Talent 2015 International Competition of Musical Arts (Lipetsk, I prize in solo category and in violin/flute duet). She participated in master classes given by А. Utkin, О. Sytyanko, G. Fumet, А. Hoffmann, I. Mozgovenko, V. Kudrya, А. Smirnov, М. Kim, А. Golyshev, А. Grot. As soloist she regularly plays with folk and symphony music groups of Lipetsk, and with accompaniment of Voronezh Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Ariana practices composing, she took the I place at the II Regional Competition for Young Composers (2012). She loves to participate in various competitions and numerous times was winner at competitions for reciters. She is keen on handicraft.

Performance program at the 16th International Television Contest for Young Musicians 'The Nutcracker':

Round I

G. Briccialdi. The Carnival of Venice
G. Fauré. Concerto solo Morceau de concours

Round II

F. Poulenc. Sonata for flute and piano, 2nd & 3rd movement

Round III

C. Reinecke. Concerto for flute and orchestra in D-dur, Op. 283 

Eliminated in Round I of the 16th International Television Contest for Young Musicians 'Nutcracker'.