Alexandra Arsyonova

11, harp, Moscow

Alexandra studies at the Gnessin State Musical College, teacher – Milda Agazaryan.

Laureate of the K. Erdely International Harp Competition Crystal key (St. Petersburg, 2012, I Prize), Wales International Harp Competition (Caernarfon, Wales, 2014, I Prize), II Online Music Competition eMuse (Athens, 2015, I Prize). Participant of the XI-XV Moscow International Harp Festivals (2011-2015), XIII и XIV Moscow International Festivals The Magic Harp Sounds (2012-2013), X-XII International festival Moscow Meets Friends (2013-2015), Mchedelov International Harp Festivals (Moskow, 2013-2015), V International Festival Peregrinos Musicales (Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 2015). Participated in the programs of the Vladimir Spivakov International Charity Foundation. Has appeared on the stages of some renowned Moscow concert halls. Has performed with the Cantus Firmus Moscow Chamber Orchestra and the orchestra of Santiago de Compostela. Was featured at the Those who born music. Harp program of the Russia-Kultura TV channel.

Alexandra is interested in synchronized swimming and hip-hop dance.

Performance program at the 16th International Television Contest for Young Musicians 'The Nutcracker':

Round I

A. Hasselmans. Nocturne, Op. 43

I. Snuer. Waltz

Round II

K. Erdeli. Elegy in Memory of Glinka

M. Grandjany. Children's Hour. Suite for Harp (op. 25): II. Little Angel III. Giddap Pony

Round III

C. D. von Dittersdorf. Harp Concerto in A-dur, 1st movement

16th International Television Contest for Young Musicians 'Nutcracker' laureate (eliminated in Round II).