Daniil Bessonov

10, violin, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Teacher – Olga Artyugina.

Laureate of the II Savshinsky International Music Competition (St. Petersburg, 2010, I Prize) and International Festival-Contest of Children's Art First Chord (St. Petersburg, 2010, II Prize). Took up music at the age of 4, now he performs on many grand stages of Saint Petersburg both solo and together with his brothers Ivan (piano) and Nikita (violin). Has appeared on the stages of the Grand Concert Hall Oktyabrsky, Olympic Stadium in Moscow, St. Petersburg Philharmonic, Ice Palace and others.

In his free time Danila composes music, reads and plays outdoor games, many of which he invents himself.

Performance program at the 16th International Television Contest for Young Musicians 'The Nutcracker':

Round I

E. Elgar. Love Greeting in E-dur

Novacek. Perpetuum Mobile in d-moll

Round II

D. Bessonov. Dream in G-dur

V. Monti. Csárdás

Round III

F. Mendelssohn. Violin Concerto in e-moll, 3rd movement

16th International Television Contest for Young Musicians 'Nutcracker' laureate (eliminated in Round II).