04.12.2015 | 12:42

The second round of the 'Nutcracker' is over

The number of participants is constantly narrowing, which ups the ante as the chances to win are getting higher. The second round of the "Nutcracker", one of the most important and cherished projects of the Russia-Kultura TV-Channel, has finished today. Young musicians already have gained numerous fans among the public who had a chance to follow the performances live on the website of the Channel. Dropping out of the competition on the eve of the final was dramatic not only for the musicians – it turned out to be a great discourage for those who support them and highly appreciate their mastery. Now it is turn for the TV-viewers to follow the performances – the 2nd round auditions in all the 3 categories will be broadcast 4-6 December. And now we are going to lift the veil on what you are invited to see in the categories "Stings" and "Piano".

The second round is the most difficult – common opinion that all Juries, participants, their parents and teachers share. With only one step left to the final, children are under great strain and feel tired. Some choose to play less competitive pieces. The 1st round jollies are having it really hard as they fear to get lower results this time.

Eugene Kawai got the highest possible summed mark, 36. The musician who started learning to play aged only 2, is charmed by the atmosphere of the Contest. Moscow has won his heart. ‘This huge city with enormous buildings is just mind-blowing. Besides, I am deeply impressed by the number of cameras at the Competition’, he confesses.

Leia Zhu from Great Britain has a high chance to make it to the 3rd round. The audience loved her at once and the Juries are cordial and warm to the young violin player. Leia got the highest possible results in both rounds. ‘Victory is secondary to me. The most important thing is to share my music with the Jury and the audience. This is what I love and what I'm here for’, she says.

The Bessonov brothers are among the most charismatic participants this year. They both have passed to the second round. While Daniil was playing violin, his brother was accompanying him on the piano. Their youngest brother Nikita, who is also a violinist, is among spectators. The smiling audience said, twins Daniil and Ivan looked like the Bromberg's film characters, twins Elektronik and Syroezhkin. Ivan and Daniil are also composers – they performed their own pieces in the second round. Is this going to be their advantage? No, according to Ivan. The performances of othук participants are extremely impressive.

‘A participant from the USA has a brilliant technique and the musician from Orel is very artistic. There are many masterful acts in the competition’, he remarks.

Nikita Khnykin from Norway has also experienced the strain of the competition. He has put aside ballroom dancing and swimming to invest all his energy in the preparation for the Contest. He rehearsed a lot but it was hard because of the nerves. ‘I can't say I'm pleased with everything, but yet I regard my performance as worthy’, says Nikita.

The judges in the category ‘Wind and Percussion Instruments’ had the same trouble as the adjudicators in the ‘Piano’ – they had to give similar assessment to several participants. So it was necessary to have an additional discussion of the results. But, as they say, this marks a high level of mastery of the young musicians. Saying ‘no’ to children is particularly difficult, which is why the competition is a challenge for the Juries. But joyful moments surely overweigh sad ones.

‘A TV-broadcast Contest for young musicians is a significant experience for me. This is happening for the first time in my life and provides a powerful inspiration source’, comments Akiko Tatsumi.

‘We don't want to compare or equate talented participants. So we concentrate on their personal achievements and advice on the areas for future work and improvement’, comments Ekaterina Mechetina. Besides, the Juries of the ‘Piano’ category are known to be extremely strict. But how can it be otherwice if you have to choose the best from the best?  

16th International Television Contest for Young Musicians 'Nutcracker'