01.12.2015 | 08:34

16th Nutcracker Opening at Tchaikovsky Concert Hall

Young does not equal unskilled – this is the message that will be delivered by the participants of the Competition. The project of our TV-Channel has started at Tchaikovsky Concert Hall. The participants have 3 difficult rounds ahead. Not everyone will pass. The intriguing Contest, touching for the audience but highly intense for the young musicians, will be available on the website of the Channel with the 1-st round to be broadcast online from the Central Music School by Tchaikovsky Conservatory. Follow the 2-nd and the 3-rd rounds live on the Russia-Kultura TV-Channel. The Grand Opening Ceremony has already marked the beginning of the 16-th “Nutcracker”.

This year the Competition is celebrating its 16-th year with the increased attention both of the media and of the sponsors. Its main informational partner is the news agency "RIA-Novosti" which is part of the "Russia today" media holding. Each year the number of the participants is significantly rising and the geographic scope is extending. This year’s youngest participant is 7-year-old Alexey Kardonov. "I've always wanted to play trombone, but as I'm too young for it, I'm currently mastering the tenor. These instruments basically have the same principles of playing", Alexey says. 

Bianka Szauer comes from Hungary. She passed through to the final of the TV music Contest in her native country and conquered the public. Now it's time to win the hearts of the Russian spectators. "My teacher showed me the records of the former Nutcracker competitions. I am impressed and I’m looking forward to the beginning of this year's Contest", Bianka exclaims.

The Opening Ceremony is always bright and colourful. It brings the feeling of festivity not only to children but also to the grown-ups. There are many distinguished people among spectators. Olga Golodets, Russian deputy prime minister for social affairs, addressed the public with a welcome speech: "Each year the "Nutcracker" reveals new talents. I wish this year participants that their creative potential contributes to the world's cultural heritage".

The Opening Ceremony features the performances of the Adjudicators as well as of the previous years' Prize Winners. Among the Juries are some new figures and also those who have taken part in the selection process since the early years of the Competition.

‘I am very curious about what I will see this year. What do I need this for, you may ask. I want to lift a veil of the future’, says Mark Pekarsky, one of the Juries. ‘We have to treat the participants very delicately as they are still children. I think we'll cope with this task!’, Dmitri Alexeev, another Adjudicator, states.

Last year Award Winners, whose are performing at the Opening Ceremony, have become more experienced and mature. Although they have had a year that was rich in events, their memories about the competition remain fresh.

‘I remembered the magical feeling on the stage that has brought luck to me!’, Georgy Ibatullin, the Gold Nutcracker winner of 2014, says.

‘The emotions remain the same, they are unforgettable. Now I am trying to find practical use to the skills I acquired when playing with the orchestra’, another Gold Nutcracker Winner Giorgy Dzishkariani says.

The most prominent guest at the Grand Opening ceremony is Daniil Kharitonov, who won the golden prize in 2010. ‘I have wonderful memories as 5 years ago I experienced special, magical days at the Contest. It is certainly a great joy to feel this again’, Daniil Kharitonov admits. This year the 16-year old pianist has won the hearts of the public at the Tchaikovsky International Music Competition. He managed to win the competition over more experienced players and won the 3-rd Prize. For many of this year's participants the achievements of Kharitonov give an inspirational example of how dreams may come true.