30.11.2015 | 13:06

The ‘Nutcracker’ Opening is to start in a few hours

Just a few hours are left till the Grand Opening of the 16th International Television Contest for Young Musicians ‘Nutcracker’. Unique in its concept, this year the Contest has gathered participants from an unprecedented number of countries – 15. Three disciplines remain: 'Stringed Instruments’, ‘Piano’, ‘Winds and Percussion’. Viewers may follow the Contest online at our website. Live TV-broadcasts will be provided for the Opening and Closing ceremonies, as well as Round II and III auditions.

From 13 years of his life violinist Arsenii Zakharov has devoted six to the instrument. His performance program is quite sophisticated, one of the works, named A Trip To Montenegro, he has composed himself. ‘I just write about life – the life of mine, the life of the world’, Arsenii explains.

His rival – 9-years-old Leia Zhu – comes from the Great Britain, she is the first British participant in the history of the Contest. Lea looks self-assured. She visited Moscow just a few months ago and saw all the sights. Now she has no time for that. ‘Of course, much depends on the mood and tiredness. I’m pretty tired now as I train a lot. I really want to win’, Leia says.

It seems that pianists’ competition will be especially tough. Behind the scenes they discuss the performances of Chinese and Japanese participants. China is represented by Zhu Hanyuan and Xia Duoduo. They both study at the same school with the same teacher in Shanghai. Both have entered the contest at their parents’ direction. ‘I was told it’s the most important children’s music contest in Russia’, Xia Duoduo notes.

‘I like it here, and I like the fairytale ‘Nutcracker’, Zhu Hanyuan says.

On the stage of the Orchestrion concert hall the former ‘nutcrackers’ rehearse with the orchestra. They have already proven their mastery at the 15th Contest. Today they will perform at the Grand Opening.

“I’ve picked a very difficult program this year, I’ve been working on ‘The Carnival Of Venice’ for about two years’, Daniel Melkonyan, the 2014 bronze ‘nutcracker’, notes.

Despite having unlimited time for the rehearsals, they work professionally. The conductor – this year it is Ayuub Guliev – is left impressed.

‘I am intrigued. We have now rehearsed for the first time. I have never met some of them before, but nevertheless their performance was almost perfect from the start’, Ayuub Guliev stresses.

As always, the Opening concert will feature the performances of the current Jury members. Young professionals watch Zakhar Bron play spellbound. ‘For me true talent is always unique. In this sense the mere idea of the competition is invalid, as one must compare, while real talents are incomparable’, Zakhar Bron elaborates.

The Jury will choose the best from the best tomorrow, at the Round I audition. And tonight there will be a magic fairytale – that is what the Opening is known for.

The Grand Opening Ceremony will take place tonight at the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall. Watch the Ceremony live on RUSSIA-KULTURA TV-Channel at 19:45 (MSK).