26.11.2015 | 15:44

Five days left till the grand opening of the 'Nutcracker' contest

The grand opening of the ‘Nutcracker’ is slated for the 30 November. For the 16th time young classical music performers from Russia and abroad will gather in Moscow. The unique project of our channel provides an opportunity for the gifted children to prove their talents, collaborate with famous musicians and get expert advice from acknowledged performers.

Children are the first to feel the Christmas spirit approaching – especially the ones striving to become the ‘Nutcrackers’. The sets for the contest are put in advance – sophisticated Tchaikovsky Hall is now dressed in tinsel and spangled. New stars will be born here soon.

In 2003 12-years-old Daniil Trifonov became the Grand Prix winner of the ‘Nutcracker’. The victory was followed by a number of prestigious music awards, including the Tchaikovsky Competition Grand Prix. Daniil Trifonov is named a piano mystic and a poet of keyboard.

Another ‘Nutckracker’ who has made it to the Tchaikovsky Competition is Daniil Haritonov – this year the youngest ‘Nutcracker’ of 2005 was awarded the 3rd prize.

The participants of the ‘Nutcracker -2015’ are all wrapped up in preparations. The number of countries at this year’s contest in unprecedented – 15. Half of the 16 pianists come from Russia. Voronezh cello player Arsenii Mingalyov not only rehearses his contest program, but also composes new music.

‘You hear some piece of music, you think of writing something similar. And as you begin, the inspiration dawns on you – I don’t know, from some goddess maybe. You imagine and write music this way’, Arsenii Mingalyov says.

Varvara Kutuzova has already conquered Moscow. Her room is always full of flowers from her admirers, contest awards and dolls – presents from her parents for every successful concert.

‘I have over hundred of them already, Ekaterina II is my favourite one as it comes from a special collection and it is the latter one that I’ve received’, Varvara Kutuzova points out.

Varvara is also not new to the ‘Nutcracker’: at the age of 6 she made a guest appearance at the 10th Contest opening. ‘My feet were hanging down. And the keys were painted the opposite colours: the black ones were white and the white ones were black’, Varvara recalls.

Participation in the contest is open for children under 14, or under 15 for Wind Instruments. From all the musical instruments Polina Vozhova from Novosibirsk has chosen the one that is not so popular among ladies – percussion. However, dreams about a rock-band are not the case.

‘Music for me is a way to express my thoughts and cope with troubles’, she explains.

Angel Wang will represent two countries at once – both Russia and the USA. His interests are versatile as well: he has a whole collection of prizes from sport dance competitions, he enjoys conjuring tricks, singing and has mastered several musical instruments – xylophone, percussion and piano, which has become his favourite.

‘This instrument is like an orchestra, the sound is pure magic. One can imagine a whole picture of beauty and music’, he explains.

Angel has not made his choice yet whether to connect his life with dancing or music. Still no thoughts of dancing are on his mind when there are only several days left before the contest opening.

‘I began to rehearse more, it is now getting more and more tense. Time is running out’, he says.

Children rehearse in 15 different countries at the same time. They gradually gather in Moscow and here proceed with their preparations. There are five days left. Five days full of worries and expectations.